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Super very surprisingly equipped with a hybrid hard drive? Or Ivy, Bridge i7 central processing unit? Edge of the fuselage leading edge of just 5.5mm, 9mm, weighs just 1.45Kg slim, and yet have such a top rate of fresh energy configuration, how to prevent the ultra-thin fans rapturous? Plus in the night precise exploitation backlit keyboard, ultra-wide angle Full HD IPS glare Guangping (discretionary), 2 seconds to wake up and attractiveness sensible master, together with tailor-made cooling system notebook so narrow fresh in the end amazing model of what a high cost? It is the ASUS UX32VD, pursue ultra-pole of the unparalleled. Exquisite Zen of Thin America fuselage backlit computer keyboard light For ultra-post of this ultra- skinny and magnificent way, is one of the highlights of the appearance. The ASUS UX32VD in look with the ultimate tasteful design to create a beautiful ultra-slender body. Fuselage leading edge of only 5.5mm, the trailing edge 9mm, weighs only 1.45Kg. The versions feature the unique allure of the concentric hairline design, interpretation of the nature of the “Zen” means boundless move retractable between self Yuan Zen breath potential specified interest rates are equivalent infinity extremely Exhibition of Wu.

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Furthermore, the perfect all-aluminum material in thin reassert tough. More philosophical content from the fuselage layout reveals the high price not only trendy and tasteful. Additionally, ASUS U43S Battery, have adopted the ultra-pole of this amazing new backlit computer keyboard, backlit computer keyboard design that is flexible, jointly with the the ASUS ambient light sensing technology to monitor the surrounding environment, timely adjustment of keyboard illumination. Keyboard issued by glowing light, laser etching, a fantastic convenience for nighttime control. Equipped with exclusive ASUS USB Charger + technology is quicker, better charging without an adapter adapter for mobile devices that are USB. The body is equipped with USB3.0 interface, the theoretical transfer rate 10 times quicker than USB2.0. Pressed for time, day and night, active business people, it is the best option. Ultra-high-definition wide-angle IPS display GT 620M powerful alone significantly The perception of HD is always to ensure that the first component of the user a great mood.

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Glare Guangping of the ASUS UX32VD Full HD ultra-wide-angle IPS (discretionary), with up to 350cd/m2 brightness, 178 degree wide viewing angle, the screen display of colour, viewing angle and contrast to attain a more perfect functionality. IPS screen is the best LCD technology to support colour precision that is better, 72% color gamut, acceptable for consistent and accurate color needs of graphic design and other uses. Plus 350 high lumens and 800:1 high contrast, ASUS UX32VD, to create the ultimate bright perception of the world, allowing users to enjoy to enjoy the vibrant life of more than 16 million types of shades, enjoying high definition multimedia screening d amusement With ultra-clear IPS display, naturally have a strong alone significantly show exquisite images along with it. ASUS UX32VD with powerful separate screen chip NVIDIA GT 620M (1GB VRAM graphics memory), not only in the performance capabilities of video and graphics processing ability, the image rendering, mosaic, ASUS U43SD Battery ,coloring and texture compression processing dramatically, and provide more extensive scope of application and image precision, so that you can reach the best quality HD output signal. In support of the powerful significantly, the models also can be quality and clarity of texture mapping, and improved to ensure that there’s deformation and distortion. Jin can Ivy Bridge i7-speed large-capacity hard disk The ASUS UX32VD Intel’s latest third-generation Core Ivy Bridge processor, and update Center i7 core. Ivy Bridge as Intel’s first processor using 22-nm 3D transistor technology, how many transistors to increase to around $ 1.4 billion an increase of 20 percent or more than Sandy Bridge’s 1.16 billion. At precisely the same time able to provide the exact same performance, reduce power consumption by 15%; even in precisely the same voltage, 10% to 15% can also increase the new 22nm 3D transistor architecture functionality.

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Ivy Bridge, to support the Direct X 11 and OpenCL 1.1 two sorts of GPU parallel computing, truly the CPU and GPU integration quickened computing. Assemble strength performance chips based ASUS UX32VD can intelligently adjust the functionality of the GPU, efficiently enhance the machine performance. Moreover, the models luxury upgrade comprises a 500GB mechanical hard drive / 24GB SSD solid state drives, large capacity hard drive, create a particularly strong speed system performance, read and write speeds are significantly enhanced, can reach several times the standard hard drive. Central Processing Unit and hard drive speed, project the ASUS UX32VD unparalleled speed strength. 2 seconds to wake up two weeks customized cooling system that is standby To allow the reaction speed of the laptop is a quicker, more standby time, ASUS UX32VD luxurious with SHE II support for 2 seconds to wake up the supreme quick Moment On mode, superb hybrid engine, the standby time of up to two weeks. Need 2 seconds to wake sleep mode in the Instant On Instant On mode to start. Minute the On can also automatically save the job status of all information to the hard disk when the power is low 5%, and at another boot on their own recovery.

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2 seconds awaken and 2 weeks of long-term standby, to ASUS UX32VD system speed run I, the danger of an extreme fast, better services for users. In a compact space, DELL Vostro V130 Battery engineers have developed a tailor-made for the part of the machine cooling and cooling system system. The versions use a “V” shaped flow channels to increase air flow, copper heat pipe, and even independent of the beryllium-copper heat sink, the better thermal conductivity in the case of thinner and thinner, to play a super cooling capacity, to ensure it can take full benefit of the machine itself is excellent performance, while extending the life of the machine. With so many of the strength of the backlit keyboard, hybrid hard drive, ultra- wide angle IPS display can be equipped with strong, and ultra- slim and lovely Zen body the ASUS in the interior to the exterior exudes delivers a powerful attraction. Whether you like slim, beautiful fashion tribe prefer the pursuit of both inside and outside the company family, or the high cost of office workers, the LENOVO IdeaPad Y450 Battery superb post this will bring many surprises. What, you’re not already cannot wait to do? Subsequently instantly bring it home to experience it for yourself!